The European Marketplace Strategy Guide

Discover the top marketplaces in Europe and how you can start selling on them! We help you build a European marketplace strategy, with an example of what success looks like, from Expondo.

Tap into a market of 564 million consumers. Are you missing out on hidden revenues?


The European ecommerce market is vast and still growing considerably. The most efficient way to take advantage of it's size is by leveraging online marketplaces. 


In this ebook we take a look at the top marketplaces in Europe, how to build a winning marketplace strategy, and how Expondo achieved massive success in doing so.


Key topics we'll explore:


🔎 Identify the size of the prize

How much can you gain if you can expand on European marketplaces? We explore how to position your company to take advantage of this massive opportunity.


🛒 The Top 20 marketplaces in Europe

We list the top 20 marketplaces in Europe with background information to help you identify which one you should start selling on.


 📈 Six top tips to set yourself up for success

Without a well functioning back-end, you're going to run into A LOT of issues. Find out how to set yourself up for success.


🎒 Expondo: how to master European marketplace expansion

Expondo were struggling with custom integrations for every marketplace they sold on. Find out how they overcame this and unlocked serious marketplace growth!

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