Success Story: Mascot Online B.V

This story is about a multi-vertical Dutch seller company that achieved the ambitious goal of drastically expanding to 12 new marketplaces in 12 months (including Blokker,, Real, HomeDeco, Leen Bakker, V&D, FonQ, and more).
Results summary:
  • Significantly increased the revenue
  • Expanded to 12 new marketplaces in 12 months
  • Became way more efficient in the usage and integration of new marketplaces (saving much time)
  • Saw an increase in-store visits due to marketplace and brand exposure
  • Better content and data overview
  • Raise brand awareness in the Benelux area

Company overview

Mascot Online B.V. is a Dutch company based in Almere. Established in 2013, it has been active for 8 years in home and garden, electronics, DIY, fashion, health and beauty, car accessories, sports, and outdoor sectors. The company provides warehousing, storage, inventory, fulfillment, and delivery services for local and foreign SMEs in traditional and e-commerce industries. As brand-owner of an increasing number of trademarks, it is engaged both in B2B and B2C commerce, reaching its customers through its own webshop and several marketplaces and e-commerce platforms all over Europe. The company's strategy aims to combine branding awareness on multiple channels to implement a product development plan on an international level.


The situation

In 2019, Mascot Online B.V. counted 12 brands and a portfolio of thousands of products. The company was active on more than 20 online marketplaces around 8 European countries. Its growth reached a point where it dealt with two main struggles: one data and operational-related, the second one content and branding-related. On the one hand,  it was looking for a full-overview over the marketplaces where the company was active; on the other hand, the content team wanted to boost the appearance of the company brands in the Benelux area - especially on – while creating few sets of content valid for multiple channels.


The solution

Mascot Online team started using to grow the online reach and the brand-awareness of the trademarks owned by Mascot Online B.V. while beginning to sell on new marketplaces in the Benelux area. Channel Engine has been crucial in integrating new marketplaces such as Blokker,, Real, HomeDeco, Leen Bakker, V&D, FonQ, and more. Thanks to the competence and expertise of the team, Mascot Online B.V. was able to launch new platforms in a very short period of time. The company could dramatically reduce its in-house developers' workload and enable the team of Mascot Online B.V. to fully control all marketplace integrations themselves. "Channel Engine is so far the most user-friendly and intuitive software that we've worked with", says the content team of Mascot Online B.V. "Thanks to Channel Engine it is way easier for us to have a full content & data overview over multiple channels".


Next steps

  • Keep growing in the Benelux area, intensifying brand awareness across different channels
  • Strengthen the market position within Europe
  • Leveraging the potential of Channel Engine on new platforms across Europe