Success Story: Fitwinkel

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Results summary:
  • Increased the revenue significantly
  • Expanded to 9 new marketplaces in 12 months
  • Became way more efficient in the usage of marketplaces (saving much time)
  • Saw an increase in-store visits due to marketplace exposure

Company Overview

Already 20 years, Fitwinkel is the specialist in Fitness equipment, Martial Arts Items, Sports Nutrition, Trampolines, and Fitness clothing for both home and commercial use. Together with more than 30 colleagues, they work every day to offer a fitter, more vital, and healthier lifestyle for both consumers and companies. As an official dealer of more than 100 major fitness brands, Fitwinkel matches  every need with a product and service. We do this online, but also in 5 physical franchise “Fitwinkels” spread throughout the Netherlands.


The Situation

Originally we only sold via 1 marketplace and 4 webshops. However, we were searching for an efficient way to connect to several online channels to gain more exposure for our brands and generate additional revenue. We compared several integrators, which looked quite similar at first, and discovered two significant differences that put on top of our choice. It had by far better customer service and a broader range of channels than the others.


The Solution

Fitwinkel started using to grow its online reach and sell on new marketplaces. “We’ve taken advantage of the integration with,” said Twan van Essen, E-Commerce Manager of Fitwinkel. “ has been amazing, helping us integrate with marketplaces like Blokker, Amazon, V&D, Beslist, Real, and VidaXL.” The value of is exceptional: it has a strong sales expertise, helps us diversify, manage inventory, and provides the best customer service. We even have a custom channel with our dealers, which created their own marketplaces. In the startup, we had several issues connecting to our API, but these issues were solved quickly by ChannelEngine specialists.