Selling into Europe: How North American brands can win a huge new market

Combine expert insights with strategic tips to scale your business across Europe!

How to start selling in Europe successfully. Learn from experts who have done it before! 

A key advantage of ecommerce is the possibility to open up new markets in different regions. This is especially true for North American brands, who have a huge opportunity in Europe.


Europe has over 540 million (mostly affluent) consumers, and a market size of $631 billion and rising. So it's no surprise that thousands of North American brands have made the decision to start selling there.


If you're considering expanding into Europe or you're looking for some tips to help you on your journey, why not hear from the experts that have been there and done it!


Explore valuable insights by watching our on-demand webinar, where we delved into the strategies for successful market entry in Europe for North American brands. Topics covered include:


🌍 Planning and preparation: Understand more about the European ecommerce market, the differences to North America, and questions to consider before you start selling.

🛒 Getting started in Europe: What do you need to consider around listings, systems and a brief overview of regulations.


🚚 How to tackle fulfilment: What's the best way for North American brands to get their  products to the customer? We discuss your options.




Ryanne-mDesignRyane Montañez
Vice President Marketing,
Merchandising and Ecommerce

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Chief Commercial Officer
Jerod Jones

Senior Account Executive


Jordi Vermeer
VP of Revenue,