Secrets of successfully selling electronics on marketplaces

Wondering how established sellers thrive in the Consumer Electronics industry? Learn how to smoothly navigate the competitive electronics marketplace landscape with three industry leaders.


The future of digitalization is here, and it's changing how we shop for everything from headphones to home appliances.


By 2024, 47% of consumer electronics will be sold online rather than in-store, creating the need for brands and retailers to boost their visibility of products and establish a solid presence to gain an edge over their competitors. 


Wondering what it takes for established sellers to find success in the Consumer Electronics industry? Need a boost in your marketplace strategy to leave competitors in the dust? We have the answers!

During the webinar, you will

  • Explore current consumer electronics & marketplace trends

  • Understand industry developments for selling on marketplaces

  • Experience real-world examples through an interview with Solis (a consumer electronics brand)

  • Dive in on conversations with Back Market (refurbished electronics marketplace) and 10XCREW (marketing agency)

Join in on the conversation with three industry leaders as they share their most valuable marketplace tips and insights.


This webinar took place on the 27th of October, 2022.


Didn't catch the live webinar? Don't worry - the recording is yours to watch for free!