Announcing our new integration with top Swiss marketplaces Galaxus and Digitec

Learn how brands and retailers can gain access to the lucrative Swiss market by working in partnership with Galaxus. Make it easy with our integration.

ChannelEngine announces new integration with Digitec Galaxus’ marketplaces

For brands and retailers looking to grow their sales, Digitec Galaxus offers a tantalizing prospect. This growing marketplace has already achieved a strong position in Switzerland and Germany, with plans to become one of the top 5 ecommerce players in Europe. This means sellers can link their own future success to this roadmap for growth. 

Digitec Galaxus is already huge in Switzerland and it’s growing fast in Germany. These markets are very attractive to sellers, especially the ‘hard-to-access’ Switzerland. Switzerland, boasts a stable economy, excellent internet penetration, and a relatively affluent population. The Swiss have a disposable income 46% higher than the EU average, and 8% higher than Germany. 

Sellers are drawn to the Swiss market because they can get a comparatively good price for quality goods. However, Switzerland is also one of the more challenging European countries to expand into, with distinct regulatory requirements and customs rules to follow. The country is truly unique: it’s not in the EU, but still part of the Schengen area and the single market.

While some of the biggest global marketplaces have a strong presence in Switzerland, local heroes like Galaxus hold a far greater sway in the public consciousness. Now, brands and retailers can have easier access to the Galaxus marketplace, thanks to a new integration with ChannelEngine. With Digitec Galaxus, online sellers can gain a prime position in the Swiss and German markets.

The Galaxus and Digitec marketplaces: an overview

Galaxus is Switzerland’s #1 online shopping destination with a non food online market share of over 50%. Consumers flock to this trusted platform knowing they will get transparency, honesty, and a fair deal. It offers more than 6.5 million products, covering almost every product category and vertical. Galaxus is a selective marketplace, and the company works closely with brands and retailers to ensure consumers are given the best possible selection of quality products.

 “Galaxus enables a comfortable and efficient shopping experience at consistently low prices. At the same time, we create a comprehensive platform for inspiration, information and communication that invites customers to actively participate.”
            - Simon De Toffol, Digitec Galaxus

More than 3 million Swiss consumers buy on and websites each month, and the platform has a potential reach that covers 90% of the households in Switzerland.

While Switzerland may not be the largest market in terms of population, the demographics make it especially attractive. More than 72% of the Swiss population shops online regularly, spending in excess of €12 billion each year. Not bad for a population of almost 9 million people.

The website has a growing presence in Germany as well, already attracting more than 5 million visitors every month since its launch earlier this year. This is part of Galaxus’ wider expansion plan, with a goal of becoming one of the top 5 marketplaces in Europe. In the future, the marketplace will extend its reach into Austria, France, Italy, The Netherlands, and Belgium.

As well as the broad selection offered on the Galaxus website, the company runs a separate (but linked) platform with a consumer electronics focus: Digitec. This marketplace is Switzerland’s best-known electronics website, and a trusted channel for consumers. 

Because these two platforms are closely linked, electronics brands have an interesting opportunity to reach a wider audience, with little extra effort.

Benefits for brands and retailers selling on Galaxus

The greatest benefit for brands and retailers selling on Galaxus is immediate access to the Swiss market from a position of strength. In addition, their growing presence in Germany and other European countries holds immense potential for sales growth. Galaxus is a trusted name with decades of ecommerce experience, and a business model based on collaborative partnership that maximizes the best results for all parties.

Sellers also benefit from the platform’s high level of digital customer experience. Customers tired of the same old online shopping experience find Galaxus refreshing and engaging. It offers rich, magazine-like content linking products to the consumer’s lifestyle, and an active user community.

It also offers independent and reliable information with reviews and articles from their in-house editorial team. With honesty at the center of their offer, each review always gives consumers a realistic picture - and they love it. Another interesting feature is the ability to track pricing, returns, and warranty rates over time, so consumers get a better sense of what to expect. This also translates into useful feedback for sellers, who can gain insights into consumer preferences (and potentially apply these learnings to other channels too). 

Thanks to Galaxus’ continuous investment in an optimized customer experience, intelligent filtering options, and granular product data, consumers can find exactly the right products for their needs - resulting in more sales.

How you can maximize your success on Galaxus

By selling via Galaxus, brands and retailers have a unique opportunity to reach almost every household in Switzerland. As the platform continues to grow in the European market, online sellers can grow with it. So, how can online retailers and brands maximize their success on Galaxus?

Firstly, the pricing strategy on Galaxus is simple: clear, stable prices that offer reliable value to consumers. Promotions or deals on products aren’t something you’ll need, as customers know they’ll always get a fair price on the platform. As a curated marketplace, your competitive advantage comes from your unique offer – not cut-throat pricing. Because it’s a selective marketplace, Galaxus is well-suited to brands and sellers that offer true value to the consumer. 

The platform is keen to work with businesses that can provide consumers with the high-quality products and service levels they expect. Galaxus works in close partnership with sellers to help them achieve the best results. They can offer strategic advice as well as practical assistance with cross-border issues like customs clearance and import logistics. There are also different selling-model possibilities, meaning Galaxus and sellers can always find the best fit for suitable products or brands.

Growing your business alongside Galaxus

The greatest sales potential is currently in Galaxus’ main markets: Switzerland and Germany. However, as the platform is growing rapidly in Europe, there is fantastic potential to be part of this success story too. As consumers search for alternatives to familiar online channels, distinctive marketplaces like Galaxus will attract these shoppers with a compelling offer that understands the value of customer experience.

As a seller, you will benefit from Galaxus’ hands-on approach to ensuring success, and you will get a dedicated personal contact person.

Although Switzerland can seem like an isolated market, it’s very business-friendly and has high purchasing-power relative to other currencies. It can be hard for European sellers to navigate their course towards a successful launch in Switzerland, but thanks to the cross-border solutions available from Galaxus (and other partners), access to this market is now much more attainable.

Ready to see for yourself? Then it’s time to book a demo to see how you can easily expand sales with new channels like Galaxus, Digitec, and many more.
Published on 28 mei 2024
Timo Sprinkhuizen
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