The future of fashion ecommerce

In this video we discuss the latest fashion ecommerce trends and share tips to help you prepare for success in 2024 and beyond.

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Understand the trends that will shape fashion ecommerce in 2024 and beyond!


The world of fashion ecommerce is changing. From evolving consumer preferences, to new channels, there aren't many industries as dynamic as online fashion.


In the first episode of our series on fashion ecommerce, Herwin Naaktgeboren, Customer Success Manager at ChannelEngine and Thijs Verhoef, CEO and Founder at Brandsom, discuss the future of fashion ecommerce.  


Watch the video to be informed of the latest trends and developments in this rapidly evolving industry. 



Topics include


🔎 Top fashion ecommerce trends in 2024

Herwin and Thijs discuss the growth of online fashion and the top trends that are shaping the industry now and into the future.


🛒 Marketplaces and channels to look out for

Deciding which channels to sell on is a critically important decision for fashion brands. We take a look at which ones are essential for your brand in 2024.


 🌱 Sustainability in fashion ecommerce

Sustainability is becoming ever more important to fashion consumers. We examine how brands can balance their business operations with environmental responsibility.


✔️ Tips to overcome your challenges

Thijs and Herwin share their tips to help you successfully navigate the dynamic world of fashion ecommerce in 2024 and beyond!






Herwin Naaktgeboren
Global Customer Success Manager

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Thijs Verhoef
CEO, and Founder



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