Marketplace Optimization: Futureproof Your Ecommerce Strategy

At ChannelEngine, we get it—selling on 5 or 500 marketplaces comes with its headaches: from navigating different marketplace policies to dealing with disapproved products and manually updating hundreds of listings.


And so we developed software to automate all this and more for you! Curious about how our platform works?

Why Marketplace Optimization Matters
No more miscategorising products 
Correctly categorized products help customers find what they're looking for quickly and easily, leading to more sales. Misplaced items can frustrate shoppers, causing them to leave without purchasing.
No more manually exporting products
Manually exporting all products takes a lot of time and can also include human errors. It's more efficient to use automated marketplace optimization tools for this, especially for handling large amounts of products.
No unoptimized product titles & descriptions
Optimized titles and descriptions help customers know exactly what they're buying, which can lead to more sales. They also make your products easier to find in searches.
No out-of-date pricing
Out-of-date pricing can confuse customers and lead to lost sales if your prices are too high or lost profits if they are too low. Using an automated repricer can help keep prices current without constant manual checks, saving time!

Why choose ChannelEngine for
Marketplace Optimization

Multi-Marketplace Management
Using our rule-based system, you can easily automate and streamline your entire order fulfillment process - no more human errors!
Quick and easy data import
Effortlessly import product data from your existing PIM and ERP systems and synchronize your comprehensive product information, including descriptions, attributes, images, and more!
Befriend automation
Selling across the world can be challenging but we make it easier for you - make use of our automatic conversion and smart rounding systems.
Inventory management
When you connect with ChannelEngine, the inventory levels in your Shopify store are seamlessly synchronized with your eBay account. These updates are almost instant, ensuring accuracy between your Shopify store and what users see on eBay.
Easy reporting
We help take your eBay Shopify integration to the next level by providing you with an overview of your revenue, profits, and expenses -  Make better data-driven decisions. 

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Frequently asked questions

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    ChannelEngine offers seamless integration capabilities with ...

  • Can ChannelEngine help me manage international marketplaces and handle different languages and currencies?

    Yes, ChannelEngine supports businesses in expanding ...

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