Boost marketplace revenue with ChannelEngine’s dynamic repricer

Optimize product prices in real-time across multiple channels.

Automatically adjust your product prices 

ChannelEngine’s dynamic repricer automatically refines your product prices across various marketplaces,
using competitors’ prices as a reference. As these prices change, your prices on Amazon,, and Blokker adjust accordingly.

Our built-in repricer is the perfect solution for boosting your marketplace revenue and staying a step ahead of the competition.
Whether you want to win the buy box or monitor the competition, our repricer can help you achieve your goals.

How does the dynamic repricer work? 


The repricer utilizes logical price rules to monitor competitors’ prices and continuously make adjustments for your selected products.
It conducts a real-time market analysis of current prices and tracks changes in competitors’ pricing.

Additionally, our repricer applies dynamic pricing updates, substantially reducing manual work while optimizing results for your products.
This ensures you maintain a competitive advantage to secure the Buy Box.


Key features of our repricer:
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Real-time Monitoring
Continuously monitors competitors’ prices and market conditions in real time. Ensure your product prices remain competitive and responsive to changes in the marketplace.
Intelligent Repricing
Advanced algorithms that dynamically adjust your product prices. Utilize competitor prices, demand, supply, and historical data, to enhance your pricing strategy for optimal profitability.
Custom Scenarios
Provides customizable rule-based pricing options, allowing you to set specific pricing parameters. Target the buy box or aim for a fee reduction, tailoring your repricing strategy to your sales goals.
Active Insights
Gain insights into past sales and pricing thresholds. Make informed data-driven decisions for improved sales performance.

Benefits of repricing your products:

Increase Buy Box win rate on Amazon
Competitor monitoring and pricing updates
Boost your revenue

All your Repricer questions answered

No more manual price adjustments to your product catalog on marketplaces. 
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