Adiacent S.p.a. Società Benefit

Adiacent S.p.a. Società Benefit develop and integrate multichannel technologies that generate increasingly seamless experiences and connections globally, both online and offline.

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Agency partner
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Partner service
System integrator
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Asia Pacific
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Merchant of Record
Marketing and Advertising
Content generation and optimization
Onboarding support
Brand activation
System integrator

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Adiacent is the leading global digital business partner for Total Experience. With a dedicated team of 250 professionals, the company has achieved a remarkable turnover of €20 million. Adiacent operates from nine offices in Italy and has expanded its presence internationally with offices in Hong Kong, Madrid, and Shanghai.

The company prides itself on a unique blend of humanistic and technological skills that are both complementary and continuously evolving. Adiacent is a part of the SeSa group, which is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange's Electronic Market. The SeSa group is a leader in the ICT sector in Italy, boasting a consolidated turnover of €2,907.6 million as of April 30, 2023.


Why choose Adiacent S.p.a. Società Benefit?

By partnering with ChannelEngine, Adiacent can offer its clients a powerful combination of services that will significantly enhance their omnichannel capabilities and unlock new avenues for growth.

Enhanced E-commerce & Marketplace Management: Adiacent combines its e-commerce and marketplace expertise with ChannelEngine's powerful automation and optimization tools. This partnership empowers clients to manage their online presence more efficiently, improve product visibility, and optimize pricing and promotions across all channels.

Improved Data-Driven Decision Making: ChannelEngine provides valuable sales data and insights from various marketplaces. When combined with Adiacent's omnichannel data, this offers clients a comprehensive view of their customer journey and informs data-driven decisions for optimizing their marketing and sales strategies.

Faster Time to Market: The streamlined integration offered by the partnership allows clients to quickly launch and manage their sales efforts across multiple channels. This reduces time-to-market and enables them to capitalize on new opportunities faster.

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