Sell your products on marketplaces with JTL ERP system

Automate product sales on online marketplaces, straight from your JTL-Wawi ERP system. Reach more customers and simplify your multi-channel ecommerce operations.
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The control center of your multi-channel ecommerce operations

ChannelEngine leverages the connectivity of JTL’s EazyAction interface to establish a direct connection with your JTL-Wawi ERP. This connection enables you to sell on online marketplaces and manage everything from ChannelEngine’s central hub. It functions as the control center of your multi-channel ecommerce operations.

Simplified listings
Inventory management
Pricing and promotions
Order handling
Shipping management
Returns and cancellations
ChannelEngine makes it easy to scale your ecommerce
Seamless Integration
Connect your JTL-Wawi ERP effortlessly to multiple marketplaces through ChannelEngine, streamlining your omnichannel sales.
Expanded Reach
Tap into a vast and growing network of 700+ global marketplaces and online channels, reaching millions of potential customers.
Centralized Control
Update product information, pricing, and inventory in real-time across multiple marketplaces from one convenient dashboard.
Enhanced Visibility
Boost your brand exposure by showcasing your products on popular marketplaces, increasing the likelihood of sales and brand recognition.
Performance Tracking
 Gain valuable insights into your sales performance on connected channels and marketplaces through a centralized dashboard.
Time and Cost Savings
Manage all your marketplace sales directly from your JTL environment, eliminating the need for manual listing and inventory updates.

Expand your ecommerce, discover marketplaces

Discover how to expand your ecommerce business directly from your JTL-Wawi ERP system.
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