Connect your ERP or E-commerce platform to sell on Wish 

No more manual actions! ChannelEngine is the perfect interface between Wish and your own webshop or ERP system.
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Wish webshop interface


Wish is the number 1 mobile marketplace in North America and Europe, benefitting from mobile commerce growth rates that are 3x those in traditional e-commerce. Wish is fully integrated into ChannelEngine. Connect your webshop with one of our free plugins.

Order handling


The orders that are sold on Wish will automatically be retrieved and will appear in the backend of your own webshop. The sales that are made will follow your regular process without any adjustment needed. Use Wish Express when fast shipping is possible and get more explosure to increase your sales.

Manage your products


To help you get started, Wish created a free whitepaper for sellers. Download your copy and get some extra information about how their app works. They also give you 7 tips on how to be a successful seller on Wish.

Online marketplace for all products


wish sells products within a broad range of categories. Set smart filters to only sell products from certain brands, with a specific minimum stock, margin, price or any other criteria possible. With ChannelEngine your stock and price on Wish is always up-to-date. Do you want to learn more about our wish integration? Check out our marketplace guide!


Active in over 70 countries


Daily over 1,5 million orders


300 million worldwide customers


50% of customers are <30


150 million European customers


No GTIN required


Detailed description and images needed


No channel setup cost


15% commission fee over any succesfull sale

- Automate your online sales

Automate your online sales


ChannelEngine automatically synchronizes your product information to Wish. Orders are retrieved and pushed towards your own system. ChannelEngine offers seamless multichannel integration from your business to online marketplaces.

You can manage the whole process from your current system, while keeping all your regular flows in place. Save precious time spent on manual actions and improve your delivery reliability with sales automation!

Integrating Wish with your system


Getting started with selling on Wish from your own system is made as easy as possible. We offer integrations for a large variety of webshops, platforms and systems in the form of free plugins or a well-documented REST API, either direct or by using our API Client libraries. Connect your Magento, Magento 2, Prestashop or WooCommerce with our free plugins. Or we can connect your ERP system. We have experience connecting SAP, Microsoft Dynamics (NAV & AX), Unit 4, Exact and many others.


When your system is connected to ChannelEngine, it is as simple as pushing a button and adding an API key to add a new online marketplace. Once you picked the products you want to sell using our smart filters, you can start selling immediately.

Using ChannelEngine you have a scalable Software as a Service platform, which is dedicated towards multichannel marketplace sales integration and optimization.