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SlaJeSlag is an online auction platform in the Netherlands, offering users the chance to bid on a variety of items and experiences.

SlaJeSlag Marketplace


With an average of 1 mln visits per month, SlaJeSlag is a well-known online auctions platform with a focus on the latest trends in physical products, such as electronics and gadgets. Thousands of auctions are live every day and focus on excitement, inspiration, and the game of winning. Consumers determine their own price for a product and can bid anytime and anywhere via the website or app.


Talpa e-commerce


Talpa eCommerce is the e-commerce company behind the auction sites VakantieVeilingen, SlaJeSlag, Vavabid and Aladoo as well as the deal website ActievandeDag. The auction sites differ from other deal sites because of the unique auction system, dynamic pricing, and gamification. Talpa Ecommerce (former Emesa) has been part of Talpa Network since 2017. Talpa Network reaches more than 12.8 million Dutch people every month.

Online auction platform


SlaJeSlag provides online auctions with a focus on the latest trends in physical products, such as electronics and gadgets. Set smart filters to only sell products from particular brands, with a specific minimum stock, margin, price, or other criteria. With ChannelEngine, your stock and price on SlaJeSlag are always up-to-date.


1 mln customer base + additional impulse-driven customers


Fulfillment possibilities: Drop Shipping

Payment 21 days after parcel delivery and twice a month
Offer of "second chance" products possible under certain conditions

Price intransparent auctions and not indexable (e.g. Google)

Smart auction algorithm to meet the required turnover
Steer on price, volume, or a combination of both
Easy selling of residual stock
Sell in the Netherlands and Flanders
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