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Sharaf DG webshop interface


Sharaf DG marketplace is one of the key electronics marketplaces in the region, with a growing seller and customer base every year. Since 2005, Sharaf DG has made significant progress and crossed numerous thresholds to rank among the top powerhouse stores in the UAE area.


Order handling


The orders sold on Sharaf DG will automatically be retrieved and appear in the back end of your own webshop. The sales will follow your regular process without any adjustments needed. Integrate your webshop with one of our plugins and start selling your products!


Key Electronics retailer in the UAE


Sharaf DG is the United Arab Emirates' leading Electronics Omnichannel retailer. The Sharaf DG brand promise of "Product not available, claim free" guarantees that all customer issues about product availability will be addressed promptly within 24 hours.


Online marketplace for Electronics


Sharaf DG sells products within a broad range from Consumer Electronics to Office supplies and Home appliances & furniture. Set smart filters to only sell products from particular brands, with a specific minimum stock, margin, price, or other criteria. With ChannelEngine, your stock and price on Sharaf DG are always up-to-date.


UAE’s leading Electronics Omnichannel retailer


Fulfillment services available to sellers


Offers sponsored listings and banner placements for sellers


Available as a mobile app


Vacation mode available for sellers