Sell on Rakuten from your webshop

No more manual actions! ChannelEngine is the perfect interface between Rakuten and your webshop.


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Rakuten Webshop interface


Join the Rakuten Shopping Mall within 8,500 professional merchants and present your personalized shop to 10 million Club R members. Design your own Rakuten Corner: space entirely dedicated to your products, and offer your clients 3% in Rakuten Points for all your catalog, wholly financed by Rakuten.

Order handling


Thanks to the ChannelEngine solution, you can integrate your catalog easier on Rakuten and keep it updated automatically. You can access all sales key figures from the Merchant Dashboard and follow your performances instantly. Communicate with your customers from a dedicated interface and get their feedback on delivered orders in real-time.

Online marketplace for an enormous range of products


Rakuten sells products ranging from clothing, shoes, and accessories to electronics, office supplies, and toddler and baby items. Set smart filters to only sell products from particular brands, with a specific minimum stock, margin, price, or other criteria. With ChannelEngine, your stock and price on Rakuten are always up-to-date. Do you want to learn more about our Rakuten integration? Check out our marketplace guide!


Available as a mobile app


17 million monthly visitors


10 million members in the Club R


Payments are made every Monday and Thursday weekly; Early payment options are available as well


Second-hand sales possible


Rakuten Ads: boost your visibility with our solution and pay only when customers click on your advert


Rakuten Points: enjoy a community of 10 million Club R members, the most generous loyalty program in France, and offer Rakuten Point discounts more competitively


Rakuten Coupons: offer discount coupons valid only on your ads to gain visibility and increase the average basket value of your buyers



Rakuten E-shop: invite the visitors to discover your universe and personalize the customer journey on our platform


Rakuten Instore: Rakuten is the marketplace in France to offer in-store pick-up to boost digital and physical traffic in French stores