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Praxis webshop interface


Maxeda is the largest DIY retailer in the Benelux with the formula Praxis in the Netherlands. The platform’s mission is to be the DIY search engine where customers find all they look for in home improvement and gardening.


Order handling


The orders made on Praxis are retrieved automatically and appear in the back end of your own webshop. The handling of all sales then follows your normal process, without needing any adjustments. Integrate your webshop with one of our plugins and start selling your products!


Well-trusted platform with a high brand awareness


With a combination of store networks with approximately 340 stores and more than 40yrs experience in DIY, Maxeda has built a strong online proposition. The well-developed and trusted platform,, has brought significant brand recognition, which resulted in a large & growing community in the loyalty program.


Online marketplace for DIY


Praxis sells products within a broad DIY range from Garden, Sanitary, Paint, and Flooring, to Technical and Decorations. Set smart filters to only sell products from particular brands, with a specific minimum stock, margin, price, or other criteria. With ChannelEngine, your stock and price on Brico are always up-to-date.


130 million visitors yearly


2.5Mio loyal Praxis members


80.000 items available


Available as a mobile app


Offers sponsored listings and banner placements for sellers


Vacation mode available