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Bricoman webshop interface


Bricoman is a part of the Adeo Group. It has a customer base of 300 million household customers, and experiences annual growth of 3.6%. As part of the Adeo enterprise, Bricoman offers building materials, fixtures, fitting, professional tools, services, and advice to help your customers carry out home improvement projects.


Order handling


The orders made on Bricoman are retrieved automatically and appear in the back end of your own webshop. The handling of all sales then follows your normal process, without needing any adjustments. Integrate your webshop with one of our plugins and start selling your products!


Adeo marketplace network


Adeo is the market leader in Europe and the 3rd largest player in the DIY market worldwide, with a turnover of 26 billion euros in 2020. Adeo Marketplace services department is creating a positive network of marketplaces based on its historic brands - such as Leroy Merlin and Bricoman - throughout the European Union. The platform’s mission is to provide inhabitants of the world with good products at a good price in a fair relationship with sellers and partners.


Online marketplace for Home Improvement


Bricoman sells products within a broad range of Home Improvement items, from building materials, and fixtures to professional tools and services. Set smart filters to only sell products from particular brands, with a specific minimum stock, margin, price, or other criteria. With ChannelEngine, your stock and price on Bricoman are always up-to-date.


1.2M visits (Bricoman France)


B2B marketplace:


Available in France, Italy, Poland, Spain & Brazil