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Bol is as a leading online marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium, offering books, gadgets, and more.

Why is bol. an important marketplace?

bol. is the go-to online marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium. With a wide range of categories including everything from the latest tech gadgets to cozy home decor, bol. opens doors for sellers to reach a diverse crowd eager to shop online. It's the perfect marketplace to get your products in front of millions of customers. 

bol. offers sellers access to a diverse range of categories, allowing for a broad spectrum of products to be listed and sold. Here’s a snapshot for sellers looking to explore the marketplace potential:


Available in The Netherlands and Belgium
Fulfillment possibilities
8 Million customers
16 Million products
Secondhand sales possible
Payment in 21 days
Commission based payment
Affiliate marketing program available
Realtime stock information

Things to keep in mind while selling on bol.

Selling on bol. comes with its own set of specific requirements that sellers should be aware of to ensure a smooth and successful selling experience.

Here are some key bol-specific requirements:

Product Listings
Sellers must provide detailed product descriptions, and high-quality images, and adhere to bol.’s product listing guidelines. This includes accurate categorization and using the correct EAN (European Article Number) for each product.
Shipping and Logistics
Sellers have the option to fulfill orders themselves or use bol.’s logistics service, Logistics via bol. (Lvb). If handling shipping independently, sellers must meet bol.’s shipping standards, including delivery times and packaging requirements.
Customer Service
Sellers are expected to provide high-quality customer service, responding to customer inquiries and resolving any issues promptly. bol. has specific response time requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.
bol. works on competitive pricing, including VAT. Sellers must regularly monitor and adjust their pricing to stay competitive within the marketplace. This is where the buy box comes into play - but more on that later.
Performance Metrics
bol. monitors seller performance based on metrics like order cancellation rate, return rate, and customer feedback. Maintaining high performance is crucial for continued success on the platform.
Legal and Tax Compliance
Sellers are responsible for ensuring that their business practices comply with local laws and regulations, including tax obligations. This includes GDPR compliance for handling customer data.

ChannelEngine x bol.

Our comprehensive marketplace guide is your key to fast onboarding on Bol. Discover how to set up an account, understand costs, explore channel features, and gain additional insights. 

What does it take to succeed on bol?

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Marketplace highlight: What is the buy box on bol?

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