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Allegro webshop interface

Allegro is Poland's most popular B2C marketplace, with 22 million client visits monthly and 250 million offers in 14 product categories. In Poland, more people start looking for products on Allegro (30% of all online buyers start on Allegro, and 91% of them finalize purchases on the platform) then on Google (18% of online buyers search via Google, but 57% of them still end up on Allegro), which makes it the most popular ecommerce channel in the country. Allegro is currently expanding to 5 more countries in Central and Eastern Europe: the Czech Republic (2023), Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia.
22M monthly page views
250M offers listed
22 years on the market
Multi-channel strategy with a dedicated mobile app
International delivery to 24 EU countries

ChannelEngine x Allegro

Order handling

Why sell on Allegro?

Allegro is open to merchants of all sizes, selling in all categories. While having no monthly subscription fee, Allegro collects sales commissions (“success fees”) depending on the category. Also, it has fees/subscriptions for promotional tools (or tools packages) such as “distinction,” “bold,” “highlight,” and promotion on the category page. Sellers who dispatch orders from the Netherlands, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, or Poland can participate in the Allegro Smart! program, which makes their offers 2.5 x more popular and allows for up to 5 x faster sales growth on the platform.

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This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into how you can set up and request an account on the marketplace, the associated costs and channel features, and any additional information. 

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