Expand your business on marketplaces with WooCommerce

Sell on online marketplaces directly from your Woo ecommerce system. Expand your customer base and tap into more online sales channels with ease.

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Control your multi-channel sales from a central hub

ChannelEngine facilitates seamless management of your multi-channel sales by establishing a direct connection with WooCommerce and various online marketplaces, acting as the centralized hub for your ecommerce operations. Key features include:
Streamlined listings
Inventory management
Pricing and promotions
Efficient order handling
Shipping management
ChannelEngine makes it easy to expand your ecommerce
Effortless Integration
Link your WooCommerce store to various marketplaces using our extension, bootstrapping your multi-channel sales strategy. 
Broadened Reach
Explore an extensive network of 700+ global marketplaces and online channels, connecting with millions of potential customers beyond the confines of your Woo store.
Centralized Control
Keep your product information, pricing, and inventory up to date across multiple marketplaces from one intuitive interface. 
Enhanced Visibility
Elevate your brand exposure by presenting your products on popular marketplaces, increasing the chances of sales and enhancing brand recognition.
Time and Cost Efficiency
Manage all your marketplace sales directly from your WooCommerce environment, eliminating the need for manual listing and constant inventory updates.
Expert Support
Access the expertise of ChannelEngine's marketplace professionals, ready to assist with any integration or marketplace-related queries, ensuring a seamless and reliable selling experience.

Expand your ecommerce, discover multi-channel selling

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