Manage your product information the right way with KatanaPim

Collect, enrich and distribute your product information the right way with Katana PIM and ChannelEngine
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Keeping up with all your product data and sales channels requires time. With the integration
between ChannelEngine and KatanaPIM, you ensure that your product data is always correct
and up-to-date on all online marketplaces. This is the way to ensure that your customers always
have an optimal product experience. Put all your product data in one place and find what you
need instantly.

Launch unique new products across all channels and respond to market demands faster.
Enrich your product information with channel-required attributes, and reduce your workload and 
time-to-market while giving your team an easy and organized way of working. Provide your
products with complete, consistent, updated information to improve your customer
experience and reduce returns!

- Centralize your product data with easy, automated importing.

Centralize your product data with easy, automated importing.


Import your product data from ERP, Excel Sheets, CSV and XML files—anywhere and everywhere, and automate your data entry. Get it together and map your data to Katana PIM.


KatanaPIM is the single source of truth for your product information.


KatanaPIMhelps brands, wholesalers, and retailers easily collect and enrich their product data and efficiently distribute correct and consistent information to their different sales channels. Implementing a PIM tool allows you to streamline and automate internal processes and makes product information management and product launches quick & easy.


Scale your business

Connect KatanaPIM to ChannelEngine using our free plugin. Installation is easy, and our plugin fully integrates products and product data.


Assign users and rights and ensure high-quality product info.

Allow multiple employees to work on your product data and collaborate with ease. Let your product data flow through your users' worklist to ensure there are no errors, with limited viewing rights!


Improve your customer experience

By having ChannelEngine and KatanaPIM connected, all your product will have consistent & accurate information through all marketplaces and sales channels to give your customers a great shopping experience, no matter the track they are shopping on.


Launch your products quicker on marketplaces

Thanks to the automated import feature, you can quickly import your products into KatanaPIM. With easy editing and an organized team workflow, you will reduce your time-to-market and
make sure to stay ahead of competitors.


Share consistent information on all channels

Have a consistent product presentation across channels and keep a strong brand identity among competitors. Share the same product information across channels and ensure that your products are always provided with complete data everywhere.