Trademark registration with the Benelux Brands Bureau is sufficient to register your brand on Amazon

Trademark registration with the Benelux Brands Bureau is sufficient to register your brand on Amazon

Amazon Brand Registry is a program empowering brand owners with increased control over their products on the platform. It is the key to additional functionalities that are essential to their success on this marketplace. Have you registered your brand on Amazon yet? In this post, we are going to discuss the program benefits, enrollment steps, and new eligibility criteria for Benelux sellers.

What are the 4 benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?

1. Accurate representation of the brand

Brand Registry allows you to execute greater control over Amazon product pages with your brand name (including titles, details, and images). Hence, it is more likely that shoppers will see the correct content associated with your brand.

2. A powerful tool for search and reports

Specially designed custom features make the whole search process of potential violations more sophisticated and less time-consuming. You can easily do a global search for content in different Amazon stores on a single screen. Also, image search is at your disposal to spot product listings matching your products( or logos). Besides, it is incredibly efficient to perform the ASIN search to detect and report possible violent content. Finally, the Brand Registry offers guided workflows to submit a report.

3. Additional automated protections

It is in your interest to share the maximum brand and intellectual property information in your Brand Registry. This approach ensures higher levels of protection and speeds up the investigation process. Consider the following examples as real case scenarios that you will want to avoid:
-Product listings that use your trademarked terms or brand logo in their titles
-Shipments from countries where you do not manufacture or distribute your brand.

4. Brand-building benefits

Amazon offers you additional tools to build and grow your business. You can imply a new product optimizer, manage your experiments, read, track, and reply to all your customer reviews in one place, or master your brand analytics, tapping directly into Amazon’s most significant data reports.


3 steps to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry

1. Review your eligibility requirements

First, according to the latest Amazon’s regulations, your brand must have an active registered trademark in every country where you want to enroll. If you have a pending application, it has to be filed through Amazon IP Accelerator.

Second, the trademarks can be text-based or image-based with words, letters, or numbers.

Third, the currently accepted trademarks must be issued by the government trademark offices in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United Arab Emirates.

2. Sign into Amazon Brand Registry

The trademark owner must submit the application. However, if you are the authorized agent, you will have to do enrollment first (by the brand owner) and add your account as an additional one. You can sign in using your existing Seller (or Vendor) Central credentials. Alternatively, you can create a free Amazon account.

3. Enroll your brand

The final step of the process includes the collection of all brand-related information for verification purposes. Consider the following checklist for approval:

- your brand name with an active registered trademark
- the corresponding government-issued trademark number
- product categories list for your brand to be placed
- country list where your products are manufactured and distributed.

Once it is approved, the doors are open to the unique features of Brand Registry.


Brand registry in the Benelux

Until recent times, the UK trademark registration could access the trademark registration in all Amazon countries. From now on, this is also the case with a Benelux Brand Registration.
Union sellers can get access to the Amazon Brand Registry in every Amazon country with the BOIP (Benelux Office for Intellectual Property)registration. You can file both text-based marks (word mark) and image-based marks (design marks). The process follows a pretty straightforward four-step routine; however, it does imply some time, effort, and costs.

Benelux Brand Registration

Amazon Brand Registry allows you to represent your brand accurately, empowers with search and report tools, and gives you access to brand-building benefits. To become an eligible user, you have to fit eligibility requirements, sign in to Amazon Brand Registry, and enroll your brand. Benelux sellers can get access to Amazon trademark registration in every Amazon country with the BOIP registration. Welcome to the new age of great opportunities!