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Trendy Foods webshop interface

Trendy Foods delivers to more than 10,000 customers in all types of channels, like hotels, supermarkets, night shops, communities, libraries, bakeries, retail, cash and carry and many more. Its experience is made available to its clients through specific approaches. The platform provides its customers with a series of tools (cash register system, order scanning, price tag management, etc.) to independent retailers by integrating the marketplace offer.

B2B sales
Offers fulfillment services to sellers
950 million € in GMV

Trendy Foods

Order handling

Customized Visibility Solutions for Business Growth

Trendy Foods offers customized solutions such as banners, newsletters, and folders to boost visibility. With 65 representatives, they promote their marketplace to a selected network of 10,000 B2B customers. Their team provides guidance and support at every step, creating tailored marketing approaches for success.