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Kruidvat Marketplace webshop interface

The Kruidvat Marketplace presents an exciting opportunity for sellers in the Health and Beauty product sector to tap into its vast potential. The marketplace's primary focus is to complement its existing assortment and offer a convenient one-stop-shop experience for its 5.3 million Kruidvat customers. Beginning with an emphasis on expanding the Baby category, the Kruidvat Marketplace aims to cater to the needs of young mothers by providing an extensive range of essential products, including the highly regarded Kruidvat diaper. As the marketplace continues to grow, it envisions extending its offerings to include other categories like Health, Beauty, Body, Complementary, and Surprising, solidifying its position as a leading online retailer in the industry.
2.9 million weekly online visitors
5.3 million CRM customers (Loyalty program)
€200 mio online channel
9000 1P SKU's listed currently
B2C sales
Fulfilment by Merchant

ChannelEngine x Kruidvat Marketplace

Order handling

Unbeatable unique selling points

The Kruidvat Marketplace presents an array of compelling unique selling points (USPs) that distinguish it in the market. With instant access to a vast audience of 2.9 million weekly online visitors, sellers benefit from heightened visibility and exposure for their products. Moreover, the marketplace enjoys a high level of repeat customers, as evidenced by the 5.3 million Kruidvat Club members who actively shop at Kruidvat each week, with the Marketplace assortment being seamlessly integrated into the brand's CRM program for optimal exposure. Additionally, the Marketplace offers a unique category-level partnership approach, granting sellers partial exclusivity on the articles they sell, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. 

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