Galaxus integration

Sell ​​on Galaxus from your web shop or ERP system

Start selling with ease on Galaxus with ChannelEngine as your integration platform. Link your systems with Galaxus and multiple other marketplaces today.


Galaxus webshop interface

Joining Galaxus' merchant program and selling on the largest online shops in Switzerland and their strong growing platform in Europe can boost your sales. The attractive merchant program offers the opportunity to tap into a new sales channel and sell products under your own name on Digitec and Galaxus. By doing so, you can benefit from Galaxus' many years of ecommerce experience, outstanding market position, high traffic, and large, active customer base.

B2B/B2C sales
Does not offer fulfillment services to sellers
32.427 Billion CHF turnover
3.4 mio customers


Order handling

Thriving Community, Expert Content, Personalized Recommendations

Galaxus offers a thriving community where customers can engage in honest product reviews and active exchanges. In addition, Galaxus provides its own editorial content, including authentic articles, honest product tests, and buying guides, ensuring a valuable and informative experience for shoppers. The platform also features individualized content playout, tailoring recommendations to each user's preferences.