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Allegro Webshop interface

Allegro, with over 21 years of growth, has become a household name in Poland. It is the preferred marketplace among Polish online shoppers and is seen as the number 1 marketplace in Poland and the 10th in the world. As far as Poland is concerned, 80% of online shoppers choose Allegro first, and 90% of clients regularly shop there. It is also the most popular search engine for purchases in the country, with over 1.5 billion searches per month.

Order handling

The orders sold on Allegro will automatically be retrieved and will appear in the back end of your own webshop. The sales will follow your regular process without any adjustments needed. Integrate your webshop with one of our plugins and start selling your products!

Sales features

Allegro is open to merchants of all sizes, selling in all categories. While having no monthly subscription fee, Allegro collects sales commission (“success fees”) depending on the category. Also, it has fees/subscriptions for promotional tools (or tools packages) such as “distinction,” “bold,” “highlight,” and promotion on the category page. In 2019 the most active sellers increased their sales by 118%.

Online cross-category marketplace

Allegro offers products in all key categories, including Automotive, Fashion, Home & Garden, Electronics, Books and Collectibles, Business, Kids or Health, and Beauty. Set smart filters to only sell products from particular brands, with a specific minimum stock, margin, price, or other criteria. With ChannelEngine, your stock and price on Allegro are always up-to-date.

20 million customers visit the platform each month (Gemius 2020), which is equivalent to 80% of all Internet users in Poland

Maximum convenience, including fast and free Allegro Smart! deliveries and full security

Over 21 million registered accounts

More than 165 million offers listed

2200 employees

117,000 professional merchants

Multi-channel strategy with a dedicated mobile app

Advertisement options

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