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Multichannel integration made easy. ChannelEngine connects your system to Amazon,, and many more.

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Import and list products

ChannelEngine automatically imports and updates your product information. You can keep your current Webshop, ERP or PIM as your primary source.


Order management

Handle all orders in your own system. ChannelEngine imports orders from all marketplaces to you and exports your given shipping and tracking information back to the customer.


Easy integration

You can easily integrate ChannelEngine with your webshop or ERP by using our free, standardized and readily available plugins and code libraries.


Smart product rules

Set dynamic filters to only sell products from certain brands, with a specific minimum stock, margin, price or any other criteria possible.


Advanced pricing

Sell more by using effective pricing rules per channel, listing or even per product while respecting your minimum margin. Or use our repricer to automatically beat the competition based on your own settings and margin.


Automatic invoicing

Is your system not ready for international Business to Consumer (B2C) sales? ChannelEngine can generate international invoices and send them for you. European VAT rules are embedded.

ChannelEngine Dashboard

One integration

Sell your products on multiple online marketplaces at the same time through one e-commerce integration. Increase your online presence and outsmart your competition by attracting a bigger audience and using advanced business rules and pricing engines.

With ChannelEngine you have a scalable software as a service platform which is dedicated to the integration and optimization of marketplace sales. It constantly helps you sell more on different channels with minimum effort.

ChannelEngine Products

Take control of your products

With advanced filtering you are able to make subselections of your products for each marketplace. Sell products from certain brands or exclude them. Choose your minimum stock, margin, price or any other criteria imaginable. The choices are limitless.

Smart price rules and statistics can help you optimize your listing per channel and give insight in your seller performance.

ChannelEngine App

Work smarter, not harder

Are you tired of manually importing products and orders and logging in to multiple seller dashboards? ChannelEngine automatically synchronizes your product information to many different marketplaces.

When a product is sold, the marketplace order is pushed into your own system. You keep your current backoffice to manage orders and shipping or you could use ChannelEngine if that’s more convenient.

Unlimited use of channels

Activate a new sales channel in minutes and list the products straight from your current platform. You only pay for results. Setup, proactive advice and support is included!

Click to connect

It is easy to start selling on online marketplaces. You can connect to the biggest marketplaces like Amazon,, CDiscount, and many others with the push of a button.

Reach millions of customers

You can reach millions of customers with one smart solution. Reach the right target audience for your products on the biggest European marketplaces, with one single connection.

Readily made integrations

Save time and reduce costs with our available plugins. Setup, proactive advice and support included. Keep using your own, trusted system for your order management.

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ChannelEngine App
ChannelEngine Tablet

ChannelEngine app. The market in your hand

Manage your business on the go. With our app you can actively keep an eye on all your sales channels at once.

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