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Crucial process for successful marketplace selling

For successful multichannel selling, it's crucial to map your products to marketplace-specific standards quickly and accurately. With ChannelEngine's Smart Mapping tools, this process becomes uncomplicated. Our tools guide you through the matching process of each sales channel, covering product content, categories, offers, and carriers, ensuring your listings are always in line with marketplace standards.   

Smart mapping at a glance

Effortlessly categorize your products for easy marketplace navigation.
Match and optimize product content, offers, and carriers. 
Efficiently manage and distribute your product catalog across channels. 

Product category matching made easy 

Mapping your product content, offers, and carriers

Besides categorization, our Smart Mapping functionality enables you to match and adapt product attributes, offers, and carriers. Our platform guides you through the mapping process by indicating which fields are required, incomplete, and optional. For example, Amazon requires 14 mandatory attributes and has 69 optional ones. The color coding in the mapping screen ensures you immediately spot any missing fields.   
Content mapping:
  • Ensure the availability of essential product information. 
  • Requirements and complexity involved differ per marketplace.
Offer mapping: 
  • Customize offer mappings based on channel requirements. 
  • Ensure correct offer mappings, including price attributes. 
Carrier mapping:
  • Align carriers with marketplaces for a smooth fulfillment process.
  • Prevent order rejections and enhance seller ratings.

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