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Holistic overview of your multichannel sales data

ChannelEngine’s Insights module provides a centralized dashboard, consolidating sales data from various online channels, including marketplaces, social commerce, and webshop software. It's your key to a comprehensive overview of your multi-channel performance.

Empowering sellers with business intelligence  

Our Insights module is armed with detailed analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering online sellers to make informed decisions that drive results. From granular GMV analysis, to product listing and Buy Box performance, the module provides a wealth of valuable intelligence to help achieve your ecommerce goals.

Discover opportunities to improve your marketplace business 

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Win the Buy Box
Gain a competitive advantage and secure more Buy Boxes on platforms like Amazon through intelligent pricing. Receive detailed insights on your Buy Box performance against competitors, enabling you to refine your repricing strategy with our dynamic repricer. 
Minimize returns
Our Insights module allows you to dissect return rates and reasons across sales channels, highlighting areas for improvement in your product listings. By refining descriptions, upgrading images, or improving sizing guides, businesses have seen return rates drop, significantly boosting customer satisfaction and profitability.
Optimize your offering
Boost your sales by pricing products optimally and selecting the best offerings for each channel, guided by metrics like GMV and AOV performance. The Insights module illuminates underperforming items per sales channel, enabling you to adjust your product offering and inventory accordingly. 
Maximize product visibility
Ensure each product gets the spotlight it deserves across your sales channels. Our Insights module alerts you to overlooked stock or unpublished listings, empowering you to enhance your product publication rate.

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The Insights module is available as part of the Scale package, or as an optional add-on to your current subscription level. Join the growing number of brands and retailers leveraging the Insights module to unlock new levels of multichannel success. Reach out to our ecommerce specialists, and let's discuss how these Insights can level up your operations.

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