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Online marketplaces

Automate the listing and selling of your products on European marketplaces such as, Amazon, CDiscount and Spartoo in a smart and effective way. No more manual actions required.

Comparison channels

Attract a new audience to your own webshop and outsmart your competition by offering products on comparison sites.

Affiliate channels

Increase your online presence by advertising what you are selling. Reach your audience quicker by promoting your products.

Multichannel Sales

Sell your products on all European marketplaces at the same time. When the stock or price changes, all channels will be updated automatically. This way backorders are avoided and minimum margins are respected.

Instead of connecting the ERP or webshop to separate online marketplaces, you only connect to ChannelEngine once. From that point forward, it’s possible to connect to a new channel with the push of a button.

Manage marketplace orders from your own platform

After ChannelEngine is implemented, it will use your current platform as the primary source for everything. It will make use of the flows that are already in place.

If an order is recieved from the marketplace, you can easily manage the order from your own, familiar backoffice. If the order gets shipped, ChannelEngine will send this information towards the marketplace for you.

Only offer the right products

The product listing is easily manageable per channel. By using smart filters, it is possible to sell products with only certain characteristics such as brand, stock, color, size, price and many more. In this way it is possible to exclude certain products or ranges, depending on your needs.

Performance statistics

Every online channel is a market segment on its own and attracts its own audience. ChannelEngine gives the ability to analyze the characteristics or behavior of a product on an online marketplace. By pro-actively notifying what is going on, certain situations like late shipments and out-of-stock can be prevented.

Concluding, ChannelEngine is the perfect solution for

  • Selling products on online marketplaces
  • Managing orders in one place
  • Reaching millions of consumers throughout Europe
  • Always offer the right price and the right stock
  • Automatic product synchronization
  • Update order shipping and tracking information



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ChannelEngine offers special agency/consultancy accounts. Whether you work for a marketing agency, managing campaigns for clients, for a web builder or any other company wishing to offer ChannelEngine as an extra option: we will be happy to collaborate.

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