- The most complete marketplace management suite

The most complete marketplace management suite

ChannelEngine is the most complete marketplace management suite. Our features are built with years of real-world e-commerce experience in mind, helping our clients sell their products on more channels and connect with more buyers across borders.

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All major marketplaces

Integrate with the best marketplaces for local and international growth.

Made for any business

Integration options available for ecommerce platforms, ERPs and PIMs, and an API.

Full order integration

Fulfill orders from your own systems because it's fully integrated.

Returns integration

Returns are synchronized for all systems and channels that support it.

Dynamic product filtering

Dynamic lists are synchronized and updated across marketplaces.

International invoices

Cross borders by generating multi-language international invoices.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps let you keep an eye on your sales wherever you are.


One connection

Get connected to all major marketplaces through a single connection.

International marketplaces

ChannelEngine integrates your store with the biggest international marketplaces.

Localized marketplaces

Target specific markets by selling on localized marketplaces like bol.com, Kaufland.de or fnac.

From your own systems

Your own system is the primary source for product lists and orders.

Custom channels

We're able to connect custom channels exactly to your preferences. Get in touch for the possibilities.

Click & ad channels

Advertise your products on far-reaching click & ad channels using product feeds.

Always adding more

Our team is continually working on adding more marketplaces and channels.

Easily add more marketplaces

Adding your products to more marketplaces is intuitive and quick.

Product filtering

Create very specific listings

Easily create specific listings for each marketplace or channel.

Many preset filters

Filter your product listing using our comprehensive filter list.

Custom filters

If you need a filter that doesn't exist yet, you can create custom ones.

Dynamic lists

Your product lists are dynamically updated and synchronized across marketplaces.

Profitability filtering

Our profitability filter helps you sell exactly when margins are highest.

Channel-specific pricing

Give each channel its own pricing rules to account for delivery and discounts.

Automatic conversion

Our conversion engine lets you cross borders and currencies without problems.

Extensive rounding options

An extensive selection of rounding options ensures you're never left with weird prices.

Order Management

Complete order integration

Complete integration means you can fulfill marketplace orders from your own systems.

Shipping and tracking supported

Shipping and tracking information is returned to consumers.

Returns integration

Returns are synchronized for all systems and channels that support it.

International invoices

Cross borders by generating international invoices.

FBA automation

When FBA center is out of stock, switch over to your own fulfillment center.

Business as usual

For you it's business as usual, but on a much, much larger scale.


Advanced repricing engine

Our engine monitors your competitor's prices and adapts yours accordingly.

Win the Buy Box

Winning the Buy Box can really boost your sales, our repricing engine helps you do that.

Return prices to normal

Our engine returns prices to normal when your competitor is out of stock.

Specific parameters

Specific parameters that you set are used to control your margins and ensure you won't sell for a loss.


Platform plugins

Connect to e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce using one of our free plugins.

Enterprise ready

We have many years of experience integrating enterprise WMS, ERP and PIM systems.

Free code libraries

Free code libraries for several languages let you integrate our API into your current systems.

Standard data feeds

You can even use an XML or CSV data feed and our back end for your order management.

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