Running a business or just running?

Running a business or just running?

What started with a small group of people has grown to be the biggest sportevent in the e-commerce business. This probably didn’t surprise the founders of this event, since they believe running an e-commerce business and just running, have a lot in common. First of all, both are very challenging. Second of all, it’s not about how fast you are going, but continuing when it gets tough. So, are your running a business, or just running?


There sure is a truth in their theory. During a run you have to be aware of your surroundings. Other forms of traffic can suddenly appear and the road can change from flat to hilly and from asphalted to muddy. These are common challenges you can anticipate on and maybe even dodge. The real challenges come from sudden roadblocks, closed bridges and literally bumps in the road. Things you didn’t see coming, but still have to deal with in the best way possible. Sometimes this takes a lot of extra time and creativity, but the detour might turn out even better and more beautiful than the road you wanted to take.

Running a business

Running a business can be like that. Competition is everywhere, new webshops are popping up daily and techniques are developing in the same speed. Deliveries need to be done as fast as possible and preferably without any costs. Challenges you know are there but make it a little harder to reach your destination. Besides, you have to be fast, before somebody else comes with the best solution. For example, same day delivery is upcoming and Amazon even delivered a package with a drone in december 2016. A bump in the road, competition you might not be able to compete with. It challenges your creativity to come up with an alternative that keeps your customers from going to somebody else.

ChannelEngine can help

One way to compete with other e-commerce businesses is to increase your amount of selling points. Big marketplaces like Amazon and have high amounts of loyal customers. So, selling on these marketplaces most likely increases your sales because more people will find your products. You can link your products to these marketplaces yourself or you could ask ChannelEngine to do it for you. We synchronize your products with these marketplaces the way you want to and you only have to ship them. This gives you more time for creative solutions to fight the competition, and maybe even join the Ecommercerun.

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