Selling on Trendyol: An unmissable opportunity for brands

Trendyol is one of the largest fashion marketplaces in Europe and it's still growing rapidly. Find out more about Trendyol their integration with ChannelEngine.
Trendyol is already one of the largest marketplaces in Europe and it's still growing rapidly! Find out why so many fashion and beauty brands are starting to sell on this high growth channel.  

With 40 million customers, including an exponentially rising 2 million in Europe, Trendyol is the fashion retail channel for global brands ready to reshape online fashion and beauty.


We are pleased to announce our integration with Trendyol. Brands can now sell products on the Trendyol marketplace through ChannelEngine, reaching millions of new customers in Europe and the Near East.


Trendyol: Why brands should jump on this opportunity!

Brands aren’t going to want to miss this opportunity. Founded in 2010, Trendyol has now captured 50% of the online fashion and 70% of the online beauty market in their home country of Turkey.


Having signed major brands such as Puma, Mango, Sketchers, Dr. Martens, and Birkenstock, Trendyol is by far the largest online store in Turkey, boasting over $3.7 billion in net sales for 2022 – five times the size of the next largest store. 


This explosive growth is in part thanks to their partnership with the Alibaba group, which provided nearly $2 billion in financing, valuing Trendyol at over $16.5 billion. This valuation makes Trendyol Turkey’s first decacorn: a company worth over $10 billion. 


But Trendyol has expansion plans beyond Turkey. They’re rapidly growing across Europe, with 2 million new customers across 27 countries – with a focus on the lucrative German market and the ascendent Central and Eastern European markets. Come 2024, Trendyol is set to push into Poland, Benelux, and the UK, along with Middle East markets like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 


Trendyol’s expansive reach has led to partnerships with the top brands in Europe like Nike, Adidas, Mango, Boss, and Guess. While some online marketplaces see a false choice between premium products and wide coverage, Trendyol sees the opportunity to offer brands for all ages and budgets – from fast fashion to haute couture. 


The bottom line: Trendyol is rapidly becoming the leading fashion and lifestyle marketplace in Europe. 

How brands benefit from Trendyol 


Traditional fashion marketplaces have limited themselves by focusing on premium and older demographics. Trendyol breaks that mold. They deliberately aim for a wide coverage of beauty and fashion brands. This allows Trendyol and their listed brands to compete against both premium marketplaces and growing private-label Asian brands such as SHEIN that have been gaining market share. By partnering directly with brands and official distributors, Trendyol ensures the quality and authenticity of all orders placed through their marketplace. 


How does Trendyol help brands reach their 40 million active monthly users? And how can brands get a slice of the $3.7 billion net sales in Turkey and the projected $1 billion net sales in Germany? The answer is through Trendyol’s multi pronged marketing approach that combines an aggressive digital marketing spend with an innovative influencer network. 




TrendFam is Trendyol’s fully automated influencer network. Brands can tap into the fastest-growing influencer network in Germany and the largest influencer network in Turkey with over 60 million in monthly reach. And this network delivers results: influencers drive 36% of monthly sessions and 35% of GMV. 


Trendyol’s marketing reach 


Trendyol is the largest spender on Google and Facebook in EMEA. Their ads have over 1 billion monthly reach. Through push notifications and emails, they generate an additional 120 million in monthly reach. 


This all adds up to 1.18 billion in monthly reach across all channels. 


Sellers benefit from lower return rates


What plagues online fashion retail? Returns. 


Return rates on typical marketplaces can run almost 70%. That eats into profits, fast. 


Trendyol’s return rate? Nearly half: around 38%.


It achieves this by encouraging customers to leave thoughtful, detailed reviews on size, fit, and quality.  Trendyol also uses AI to analyze returns, reviews, and feedback to accurately predict customer sizes. Finally, the marketplace deploys a pop-up when customers have put two different-sized articles in their basket with a recommended size.  


Together, these three approaches slash the rate of returns. 


Fewer returns mean more net sales for your brand.


How to get started selling on Trendyol 


To get started selling on Trendyol, brands first need to fill out this onboarding form. After that, brands sign their contract and partner with their dedicated onboarding manager. No fees. Sellers only pay a percentage based on net sales, not GMV. Trendyol succeeds when brands succeed. 


Brands looking to manage their Trendyol shop alongside other sales channels need to take advantage of marketplace integration software like ChannelEngine. ChannelEngine connects brands to over 700 marketplaces and sales channels in 195 countries. 


With ChannelEngine, you can unify all of your marketplaces (like Trendyol) on a single platform. All your products, listings, stock, logistics, and orders from every channel are stored and managed in one, easy-to-use control center.


Online fashion is in

The online fashion market is worth over $800 billion. And it’s growing. Fast. With an annual growth rate of over 10%, it’ll be worth $1.2 trillion by 2027


That’s more than the GDP of Saudi Arabia. 


Brands looking to break into the MENA and EMEA regions can’t overlook the opportunity presented by Trendyol. With 40+ million active monthly users in Turkey, and a rapidly rising 2 million users in Germany, Trendyol is the marketplace for brands looking to set the tone on global fashion and beauty.


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