Sell on from your webshop

No more manual actions! ChannelEngine is the perfect interface between and your own webshop.
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Sell on from your webshop

No more manual actions! ChannelEngine is the perfect interface between and your own webshop.

Your Systems
- Channel webshop interface is the biggest online shopping centre in The Netherlands & Belgium, fully integrated into ChannelEngine. Connect your webshop to ChannelEngine with one of our free plugins and start selling your products via

Online marketplace is one of the larger online marketplaces in The Netherlands and Belgium, as they have the product portfolio of thousands of webshops. Connecting to the shopping cart will give your webshop an extra sales channel. Their online marketing team will actively search for online buyers for your products.

Product and order management


Increase revenue and reduce backorders by automating your sales process. With ChannelEngine as your interface, product data on is always up-to-date and orders will appear in your own backend.

No cure, no pay


There are no fixed monthly fees connecting to You will receive paid orders directly in your system. You will pay a commission over these orders, so you won’t have costs if there are no paid orders. Besides the orders, will also provide you with all customer data. Do you want to learn more about our Beslist integration? Check out our marketplace guide!


Established in 2005


Active in The Netherlands and Belgium


970 Active bid categories


Easily expand your own customer database


Increase your revenue


No cure, no pay


Direct payment


3 – 15% commission


Easy campaign management

- Automate your online sales

Automate your online sales


ChannelEngine offers seamless multichannel integration from your business to online marketplaces. It automatically synchronizes your product information to Orders are retrieved and pushed towards your own system.

Save precious time spent on manual actions and improve your delivery reliability with sales automation! You can manage the whole process from your current system, while keeping all your regular flows in place.

Integrate with your system


Getting started with selling on from your own system is made as easy as possible. We offer integrations for a large variety of webshops, platforms and systems in the form of free plugins or a well-documented REST API, either direct or by using our API Client libraries. Connect your Magento, Magento 2, Prestashop or WooCommerce with our free plugins. Or we can connect your ERP system. We have experience connecting SAP, Microsoft Dynamics (NAV & AX), Unit 4, Exact and many others.


When your system is connected to ChannelEngine, it is as simple as pushing a button and adding an API key to add a new online marketplace. Once you picked the products you want to sell using our smart filters, you can start selling immediately.

Using ChannelEngine you have a scalable Software as a Service platform, which is dedicated towards multichannel marketplace sales integration and optimization.


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