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Breuninger is a German fashion and lifestyle brand that strives to captivate customers on a daily basis by acting as a gracious host, attracting them, and inspiring them. The company recognizes the pivotal role played by its employees in achieving success and emphasizes the importance of teamwork in reaching objectives. As a fair and reliable partner, Breuninger actively engages in social initiatives within its local community. The company takes on social and environmental responsibilities, demonstrating a strong sense of accountability toward addressing relevant societal and environmental concerns.

Fulfillment by Merchant
1B euros GMV
125 Marketplace partners
Supports B2C sales


Order handling

Curated Brands, Premium Positioning, Loyal Affluent Customers

The Breuninger Marketplace features a curated assortment of brands in a unique brand environment as well as a high-end positioning with higher-than-average shopping baskets and a highly loyal, affluent customer group.