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ChannelEngine vs Tradebyte

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ChannelEngine and Tradebyte both offer a solid solution for ecommerce channel management and integrating with online marketplaces. But there are important differences in how they function and what they excel at. This comparison will help you understand the difference between ChannelEngine and Tradebyte, so you can choose the right solution for your brand. 

Global integrator

What does ChannelEngine do?

ChannelEngine is a marketplace integrator that helps businesses to sell on online marketplaces and sales channels globally. It functions as your multi-channel ecommerce control center, where you can manage and oversee your operations. 

ChannelEngine integrates with more than 700+ marketplaces and online sales channels worldwide, including platforms specialized in fashion, home & deco, and electronics. Its features and integrations facilitate automation, cross-border ecommerce, and global scaling. 

Expert guidance and flexibility are essential to help you discover new opportunities and achieve your targets. You can easily integrate your back-end systems with ChannelEngine (ERP, PIM, ecommerce platform) through different pre-built integrations and API connections.

The user-friendly platform is enriched with tools that allow you to optimize, synchronize and automate your product information, listings, pricing, orders, and inventory across channels. This wide range of capabilities will enable you to take complete control and maximize multi-channel growth at no additional cost.


  • Global marketplace integrator
  • 700+ global sales channels
  • Intuitive platform
  • Control over your operations 
  • Easily integrate your back-end systems
  • Built to grow your ecommerce business 

European integrator

What does Tradebyte do?

Tradebyte is a marketplace integrator that focuses on the DACH region and Europe. Tradebyte specializes in fashion since they are a subsidiary of the well-known European marketplace Zalando. As a logical result, they have all partner programs with Zalando in place. 

Tradebyte integrates with 72+ European marketplaces through their platform called “”. Their features focus on managing product listings and orders across online channels using their PIM and OMS systems. Tradebyte has no presence outside of Europe and mainly offers fashion & lifestyle sales channels.

The platform seems to lack options to integrate with common back-end systems, limiting its flexibility and speed of onboarding.

Some users may require guidance with operating the platform due to its advanced user interface. Like other marketplace integrators, Tradebyte offers managed services as a premium package. At an additional cost, you receive guidance with "initial & ongoing categorization & mapping, and export error handling". 




  • European marketplace integrator
  • Focus on fashion and lifestyle 
  • Subsidiary of Zalando 
  • 72+ European sales channels 
  • Lacks options to integrate
  • Guidance through managed services, including monthly webinars, integration manager, and ongoing support 

Global reach and sales channels

Growing your business internationally 

Product listings

Offering your products

Tools for pricing and promotion

Winning the buy-box

Inventory management and fulfillment

Synchronizing inventory across channels 

Reporting and analytics

Keep an overview and gain valuable insights 

Integrate your systems

Automating data exports and imports 

Guidance and support 

Keep your operations running smoothly 
Satisfied customers

What Petrol Industries has to say about ChannelEngine

Why ChannelEngine is the right solution to grow your multi-channel ecommerce business.

After being acquired by Zalando, Tradebyte grew along with this European fashion giant. Many companies that want to sell on Zalando are directed to Tradebyte and start using their platform. 

When these companies plan to expand their ecommerce to more online marketplaces, they could hit the platform's limitations. Tradebyte's limited focus on European marketplaces outside of fashion, advanced features, and lack of integration options hinder its potential to support future growth for ecommerce businesses.

Overall, ChannelEngine is better suited to growing your multi-channel ecommerce by offering a broader global reach, user-friendly tools for product listings, robust inventory management, and seamless integration options. The platform's emphasis on automation, cross-border capabilities, and global scalability, combined with its responsive support, offers businesses a solid foundation for expansion.

Switching from Tradebyte to ChannelEngine

Our dedicated customer success and onboarding teams are here to help you move your connections to ChannelEngine, without disrupting your business.

Tradebyte users usually switch when they have started selling on Zalando but want to expand their ecommerce business to more marketplaces.  

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch to discover how we can take your ecommerce business to the next level. We'll talk you through our platform and show you how things work from start to finish. 

  • Import products from your systems and and easily list them on sales channel.
  • Automate stock management and order fulfillment.
  • Use smart rules to sell what you want, where you want, how you want.

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