Win the Amazon Buy Box with an automated repricer

What is the Buy Box and why do you want to win it?

Most marketplaces have various sellers for the same product. Usually a default seller is designated to make the customer journey as simple as possible. So when a user views a product a clicks on the main "add to shopping basket" button, the sale flows through the default seller. This is called the 'buy box'. Things like price, delivery and previous reviews, impact which seller wins the buy box. With price being a major factor.

You can imagine that being the default seller ensures a strong revenue stream. Being the seller that wins the buy box gets you 70 to 80% of the sales for that product on the marketplace.

It is impossible to adjust to competing prices by hand or by using software that doesn't constantly monitor your competitors' prices in combination with their stock availability, seller rating, and delivery speed. This means in order to be competitive: you have to automate.
Our Amazon repricing engine automatically monitors the competition on each of your products. It provides full insights in all price changes of your competitor, and is available for you in your ChannelEngine account.

How the Amazon Repricer works

Automate the process of winning the buy box

Our algorithms can be set to target the buy box while trying to maximize your profits. Seems strangely easy, but it's true.

The winner of the buy box on the Amazon marketplace is based on 7 factors:

  1. Price of product
  2. Delivery Speed (Who delivers the product fastest)
  3. Delivery Price
  4. Seller performance (Do you consistently do what you promise and deliver in time)
  5. Cancellations (How often you have to cancel orders)
  6. Stock (How extensive your stock level is)
  7. Seller rating
    - How efficient are you in responding to support emails?
    - How happy are your customers: what is your review rating?

Of these factors, Channelengine can take care of the product price and help with seller performance and stock. Our dynamic repricer can specifically be set to lower the price until you win the buy box. Other sellers might have lower prices, but when your seller rank is high you don't need to go lower. This is all calculated in an instant.

Automatically increasing and decreasing prices

As soon as competition runs out of stock, our repricer takes note and adjusts your price accordingly. Ensuring you are maximing your revenue.

Set rules and see calculations

Our repricers consists of many options and is by no means a black box. You can see the calculation steps for each product, run the repricer in preview mode and see what would happen. You can even use it to just monitor your competition and decide who you want to compete with and who to exclude amongst other advanced settings. Based on your rules our engine will find the optimal position which will generate the highest revenue with your taking your constrains into account. 

What is the cost for a Amazon Repricer?

Our repricer is available for all ChannelEngine customers at no extra cost for an unlimited number of products as part of our total solution to make you sell more. So next to the feed & order management you will also have the repricer for no additional cost.

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Amazon Repricer Benefits

  • Choose your own competition
  • Adjustable with advanced settings
  • Be able to always offer the best price
  • Keep control over your margin by setting minimum and maximum prices
  • No more wasting time on following your competition on your own

Choose to automatically lower or higher your prices with a certain amount or percentage when your competitor’s prices change while controlling your own margin.