Meet the marketplace: Home24 & Wayfair

    Home & Living is one of the largest segments in the e-commerce market. In Europe, sellers and consumers benefit from a growing constellation of new marketplaces and emerging platforms.

    This webinar will cover 2 Home & Living marketplaces: 

    Since 2009, home24 has revolutionized the Home & Living shopping experience. The products are marketed on their platforms, which combines the elements of two distinct business models: third-party white label products to drive choice and conversion, and the platform’s private label products that increase margins and offer great value to the customers.

    Wayfair is one of the world's largest ecommerce destinations for home furnishings and décor. Established in 2002 and headquartered in Boston, one single website turned into a homeware marketplace counting 19+ Million customers by now. Enabling a proactive business approach, Wayfair is innovating every day to create the ultimate home goods shopping experience.

    Marketplace experts will give short presentations to share more about their platform’s opportunities, requirements, and keys to success.  Next to that, there will be a Q&A session and a live demo on setting up these channels.