Just launched: New online marketplace connector for Blokker.nl and Nextail Connect!

The Dutch Blokker holding has recently launched an online marketplace called Nextail Connect! This fits within their new e-commerce strategy. ChannelEngine has developed a full API integration with this online marketplace and has added the new channel to the portfolio. Contact us for more information on selling on Nextail via ChannelEngine.

Nextail provides retailers and wholesales the opportunity to sell their products on the Blokker.nl marketplace. Blokker.nl is the first webshop of the concern that has been opened up for third party sellers. The shop has a substantial market share in the Netherlands and currently sells products in the household, kitchen, garden(furniture) and personal product categories as well as toys and other new categories.

With ChannelEngine it is possible to fully connect your Webshop or ERP platform to Nextail Connect! and automate the sales process. This means that products will be listed on Blokker.nl and orders will automatically be retrieved and created in the backend of your own e-commerce system or ERP system. When orders are shipped, track and trace information will be sent automatically to Nextail Connect!.

We support a wide range of e-commerce platforms and ERP integrations with ready made extensions and code libraries to make selling on Blokker and many other Marketplaces as seamless as possible.

Do you want to start selling your products on the Blokker marketplace using ChannelEngine for automation? Contact us via Email, Phone or click here to request a demo.