Magento directly connected to eBay with ChannelEngine

Automate product sales on eBay marketplaces in Europe and manage your orders, straight from your Magento webshop.

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Optimize your eBay marketplace sales

Easily connect your Magento webshop to eBay and optimize your marketplace sales by using ChannelEngine as your integration software. Handle your orders directly from your own Magento webshop by linking it to ChannelEngine with our readily available plugin.

Create a seller account on eBay, connect with ChannelEngine, manage your lists with endless possibilities and start selling. Set dynamic filters to only sell products from certain brands, with a specific minimum stock, margin, price or any other criteria possible.

Take control of your products

With advanced filtering you are able to make subselections of your products for each marketplace. Sell products from certain brands or exclude them. Choose your minimum stock, margin, price or any other criteria imaginable. The choices are limitless.

Sell more by using effective pricing rules per channel, listing or even per product while respecting your minimum margin. Create discounts by subtracting a fixed amount or percentage and optionally set an end date. Or increase your prices to create a higher margin on popular products.

- Fully integrated order management

Fully integrated order management

When an order is placed on eBay, ChannelEngine will export the order to your Magento webshop. The order will be managed in the Magento admin, following the regular flows that are already in place. ChannelEngine gets notified about the completed shipment and sends this status update back to eBay, who in turn notifies the customer that the order is in transit.

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