Sell on leading marketplaces directly from your Shopware account

Our Shopware 6 plugin connects your webshop to hundreds of marketplaces like Amazon, Kaufland, Zalando, and Otto. Manage your omnichannel sales from a single platform and start generating new revenue streams.


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Struggling to connect your Shopware 6 webshop to marketplaces?

Integrating your Shopware 6 webshop with a marketplace is hard and takes a lot of valuable time. After establishing a connection, you must manually keep your product listings up to date. Each marketplace has its own set of rules, making it nearly impossible to manage multiple channels at once. As a result, you are missing out on revenue from consumers that use marketplaces to shop online.

Access hundreds of marketplaces in just a few clicks

Our Shopware 6 plugin makes it easy to connect your webshop to hundreds of marketplaces. With just a few clicks, you can rapidly expand your online presence and start generating new revenue streams. The plugin creates a seamless integration between your webshop and ChannelEngine, enabling you to list products on popular marketplaces such as Amazon, Kaufland, Zalando, and Otto. You will have full control over your stock, listings, and offers across all activated channels from one central hub. So what are you waiting for? Select the marketplaces you want to sell on, enter your account details, and we will handle the rest.

- Optimized marketplace listings

Optimized marketplace listings

Selections of products for a marketplace can be made using smart filters. Sell products from certain brands, with a specific minimum stock, margin, price or any other criteria possible.

Smart price rules and statistics can help you optimize your listing per channel and give insight in your seller performance.

Simplify your operations across online marketplaces

Full control over product listings

Save precious time and automate your product listings on different online channels straight from your Shopware 6 webshop. Our platform helps to create the right listings for each sales channel, with built-in optimization tools for mappings and categorization. Optimized product listings improve your visibility and drive sales.

Streamlined order and inventory management

All orders from different marketplaces are automatically synced with your Shopware account, simplifying the order management process. As for your inventory, it can be efficiently managed from a central location, irrespective of the number of sales channels you operate on. This means that inventory levels are automatically updated across all your sales channels, mitigating the chances of over or underselling.

Scale your business and grow beyond borders

Whether B2C or B2B, physical goods or digital products – tap into new sales channels and start scaling your ecommerce business. Generate cross-border revenue streams without writing a single line of code.