Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about ChannelEngine.


  • Why should I connect my webshop to ChannelEngine, instead of directly to online marketplaces?
  • When using ChannelEngine it's only necessary to connect to one platform. Once the webshop is connected it is as simple as the push of a button to connect to a marketplace. With our free, readily available plugins for Magento, Woocommerce and Prestashop and additional available code libraries for other platforms it is easy to integrate and start using ChannelEngine. It is possible to connect the majority of webshops and ERP systems. These links are constantly kept up-to-date by our development team.

    Every online marketplace (Like Amazon, and has their own way of connecting and exchange of data, this is called an interface. All interfaces to these marketplaces are considerably different in terms of technology and process. On top of that, these interfaces can be altered from time to time. It is possible to connect your webshop directly, however, this usually includes programming and maintaining the interface. This can take up a lot of time and costs a lot of money.

  • I don‘t have a webshop, but I’d like to sell products on marketplaces such as and Amazon. Is that possible through ChannelEngine?
  • It certainly is. Many brands, wholesalers and traders use ChannelEngine to sell online, without having a webshop. The only requirement is that you are able to provide a digitally up-to-date range of products. For instance, we are able to upload this product information directly from your ERP or stock management system. If necessary, you can enrich product information through ChannelEngine using texts, specifications and images. Contact us to find out the options for your specific situation.
  • I am a drop shipping supplier. Am I able to use ChannelEngine for drop shipping customers?
  • Yes, you can create a range of products for each partner based on criteria you choose. Drop shipping customers can receive an updated product feed with all the product data, stock information and prices through ChannelEngine. If desired, your partners can send orders to your system through the ChannelEngine API.
  • I have a Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce or NopCommerce webshop. Is it easy to connect?
  • Yes, you can easily connect to online marketplaces using ChannelEngine when you have Magento, Prestashop WooCommerce or NopCommerce. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible. For the Magento, Prestashop, NopCommerce and WooCommerce we offer a free plugin which synchronizes the product- and orderdata with ChannelEngine.
  • I have an unlisted platform. How can I connect?
  • ChannelEngine offers a REST API and we have standard code libraries in multiple programming languages available for quick and easy integration. Any e-commerce platform can be linked to ChannelEngine. If you already have a product feed for an online comparer or affiliate program, it can be used as a basis for ChannelEngine. It is not mandatory to use your own backoffice, orders can also be processed through the ChannelEngine back office. It is also possible to upload orders directly to your system. The time it takes to enable these links depends on the features of your e-commerce system. Let us know which platform you have and we’ll assist you.


  • Which marketplaces are available through ChannelEngine?
  • All major European online marketplaces are currently connected to ChannelEngine, our team works hard to expand the range of available marketplaces. Have a look at the Channel page to see what channels we are currently offering. If you have another marketplace you would like to link, please get in touch.
  • Which comparison channels are available through ChannelEngine?
  • We’ve connected to the most important European comparison sites, such as,,,, and many others. Many other comparison sites can be linked, managed and optimized through ChannelEngine by simply generating an extra product feed. All comparison sites can cope with the generic feeds from ChannelEngine. If desired, we can arrange for feeds of other comparison sites to be created, free of charge.
  • Is ChannelEngine suitable for affiliate product feeds?
  • Yes, ChannelEngine can be used to manage product feeds for affiliate channels. A feed can easily be generated for each affiliate channel and the results such as clicks and sales are meticulously recorded. The results can be properly analysed through the statistics for each period and for each channel.
  • My product information is only available in my own language, am I still able to sell on Amazon in Germany, France and the UK?
  • Yes, you can still sell on Amazon in other counties. You don't have to translate your content. One of the benefits of selling on Amazon (.de, .fr,, .es and .it) is that the majority of products, including images, texts and specifications, are all available on amazon. As soon as you activate Amazon as a channel, ChannelEngine automatically checks which of your products are already available on Amazon, you can list those products directly without having to translate yourself.

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