Dutch Marketplace Bol.com now sells beverages and spirits online

Dutch leading marketplace Bol.com will sell wine, specialty beer, champagne, whisky and other spirits on its website. The offering mostly comes from Ahold Delhaize’s other daughter company Gall & Gall as well as from external parties.

As of today, the assortment of drinks can be ordered from the leader of the Dutch Twinkle100. The expansion of the product range is a remarkable step for bol.com, which currently sells almost exclusively non-food products. These include the Etos range, which, like Gall & Gall and bol.com itself, is part of Ahold Delhaize, with Albert Heijn as market leader in the Dutch grocery market. The beer and wine boxes of the grocery store will become available in the new product category, as will the Gall & Gall range.

Integration platform

Ahold Delhaize chose to use ChannelEngine.com as the platform to integrate Gall & Gall and Bol.com.

Beverages on bol.com

The beverage category on bol.com currently consists of several thousand different items. The most expensive wine, a 2009 Pomerol of Chateau Petrus, is offered by sales partner Grandcruwijnen.nl and costs 4,895 euros per bottle.

Other external wine sellers on bol.com include Belgian Beer Factory, Tasting Collection, Okhuysen, Eleanor and Wijnmarkt.be.

Cognac, gin, whiskey, and specialty beer

Anyone looking for a ‘drink’ will be served cognac and gin, among other things, from bol.com. Elsewhere on the site, you can also find whiskies, jenevers and special beers from various suppliers, including Tasting Collection, Vandebrouwerij.nl, and Belgian Beer Factory. Beerwulf also appears.

A selective number of partners

“We are well aware that selling drinks is a specialism and that it requires extensive knowledge of the product range and experience in distribution where age verification is important,” says Margaret Versteden, Director of Shops (CCO). We have therefore chosen to use our network for this launch as well and to work together with a selective number of specialized partners. They offer their product range and product information via our platform and take care of the stock and delivery.

Source: Twinkle Magazine