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ChannelEngine vs ChannelAdvisor

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ChannelEngine and ChannelAdvisor (now Rithum) both offer a solid solution for ecommerce channel management and integrating with online marketplaces. But there are important differences in how they function and what they excel at. This comparison will help you understand the difference between ChannelEngine and ChannelAdvisor, so you can choose the right solution for your brand. 

Manage and control operations

What does ChannelEngine do?

ChannelEngine is a cloud-based marketplace integrator. It helps businesses sell products on multiple marketplaces and online retail channels from end to end. 

ChannelEngine was founded in 2013 when it became clear that marketplaces were becoming the dominant force in global ecommerce. It functions as your ecommerce control center where you manage and oversee your multi-channel operations

The user-friendly platform is enriched with tools that allow you to optimize, synchronize and automate your product information, listings, pricing, orders, and inventory across channels. This wide range of capabilities will enable you to take complete control and maximize ecommerce growth.

ChannelEngine believes in a strong partner ecosystem to help you overcome any hurdle and accelerate your growth. From entity creation to VAT, logistics, warehousing, custom integrations, marketplace services, and digital marketing.


  • Focus on marketplace integrations
  • Multi-channel ecommerce control center
  • User interface designed to be self-sufficient
  • Designed to maximize ecommerce growth
  • Strong partner ecosystem 

Rely on managed services

What does ChannelAdvisor/Rithum do?

Channeladvisor started as a business to advise companies and help them sell on eBay in 2001. It was built for this specific task and grew over time into a managed service for selling on international marketplaces, including online advertising, product feed management, and related features. 

ChannelAdvisor (now Rithum) went public with an IPO in 2013, and CommerceHub acquired ChannelAdvisor in 2022. In August 2023, CommerceHub sold the Shoppable Media and Brand Analytics product lines to MikMak.

ChannelAdvisor's primary focus has been on business advisory and expanding their services beyond multi-channel selling. This is reflected in their marketplace integrator software. It has become an advanced and complex platform that generally requires support from specialists to make changes, perform updates, and keep operations running. 

ChannelAdvisor is typically selected by companies looking for an all-in-one service solution designed for multi-channel selling. 


  • Focus on managed services
  • Solutions for marketplace integrations, online advertising and product feed management
  • Advanced and complex user interface
  • All-in-one service solution 

Detailed comparison of features and services

Let’s zoom in to decide which software solution best fits your growth plans.


Global reach and sales channels

Growing your business internationally 

Product listings

Offering your products on the best channels

Guidance and support

Keep operations running smoothly with some support

Pricing and ROI

Platform pricing and it's impact on your Return On Investment

Onboarding and connecting channels

Getting started and expanding channels

Manage and control operations

Controlling your ecommerce operations 
Satisfied customers

What Sonos has to say about ChannelEngine

Why ChannelEngine is the right solution to grow your multi-channel ecommerce business.

ChannelAdvisor (now Rithum) has a feature-rich platform that offers solutions for multi-channel selling, online advertising, and product feed management. ChannelAdvisor strongly focuses on its managed services, as the core of their business model. 

It can be complex to operate their platform without help from specialists since it's not designed for that purpose. ChannelAdvisor wants you to rely on their costly services to keep operations running smoothly. Limiting the required flexibility to stay agile, adjust to market changes and create growth opportunities. 

ChannelEngine is just the opposite. A scalable and future-proof platform that is continuously evolving. It is designed to put you in the driving seat of operating your multi-channel operations. New platform features and marketplace connections are launched periodically to grow your ecommerce success. 

Some elements that stand out when comparing ChannelEngine with ChannelAdvisor

Ease of use and simplicity: ChannelEngine has been praised for its user-friendly interface and ease of navigation. Customers often appreciate the straightforward setup process and intuitive workflows. This allows you to take complete control over your online marketplace business.

Scalability: ChannelEngine is designed to serve businesses of different sizes wanting to grow their online reach across channels. With a wide variety of global marketplaces, ChannelEngine gives you a clear view of new and upcoming channels. Through our platform analytics and partner channel reviews, ChannelEngine ensures you have the tools to be successful.

Guidance and customer support: Each customer receives one-to-one support. Whether you prefer email or phone, once you start using ChannelEnigne, you will have a clear point of contact to help you as needed. The platform enables customers to automate their operations, with specialists always on hand and ready to assist.

Cost-effective solution: Depending on your business needs and sales volume, ChannelEngine offers a more cost-effective solution with a higher ROI to manage and automate your operations.

International presence: Headquartered in Leiden, the Netherlands, ChannelEngine offers extensive marketplace coverage that goes beyond Europe and North America. This is evident through its regional hubs in the UAE, Singapore, and Australia. We offer integration with some of the region’s largest marketplaces, coupled with a trusted partner ecosystem to enable cross-border commerce.

Switching from ChannelAdvisor to ChannelEngine

Our dedicated customer success and onboarding teams are here to help you move your channel connections to ChannelEngine, without any disruption to your business. During the onboarding, our expert team helps with optimizing your connections for maximum results and insights.

ChannelAdvisor (now Rithum) users usually switch when they in-house more ecommerce activities and are limited by ChannelAdvisor's platform. Or when their growth is limited by the lagging updates on existing channel connections.

What to expect:

We'll talk you through our platform and show you how things work from start to finish. You'll learn how to: 

  • Import products from your systems and and easily list them on sales channel.
  • Automate stock management and order fulfillment.
  • Use smart rules to sell what you want, where you want, how you want.

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