launches new website

It’s been two and a half year since ChannelEngine and the website went live. Most of our resources end up in functional development, but the time has come to refresh the website.

The past few weeks we’ve worked hard on the new ChannelEngine website to make sure it is up to par with the current web standards. With our team and business constantly growing, it is necessary to make sure that our website is in line with what we offer. Our goal was to create better insight in the availability of channels, integrations and features that ChannelEngine offers. A complete redesign of the website has also been done, resulting in a better and responsive layout.

There was a gap information in terms of what channels, features and integrations with platforms we have developed. On the website roadmap for the upcoming weeks is finalizing the channel pages, a review of the documentation and a rework of the ChannelEngine front-end.